Addressing academic and general readers, this volume provides interpretations of major Canadian novels in English published during the last twenty years. Comprising a wide range of topics and genres, including writing by recent immigrants and by First Nations authors as well as speculative fiction on global future(s), these novels testify to the richness, vitality and diversity of contemporary Anglo-Canadian writing.

The twenty-five essays by established and emerging scholars in the field show how contemporary Canadian novels in English have reflected transformations in Canadian society since the turn of the millennia. In particular, they reappraise the cultural diversity which is central to an understanding of contemporary Canadian writing. The volume thus investigates the ongoing formation of a specifically Canadian form of multiculturalism and of Canadian cultural sensibilities as acted out in literature.


Kirsten Sandrock in: Anglistik, 31.3 (2020), 241-243

Margery Fee in: Canadian Literature / Littérature canadienne, 240 (2020), 161-162, online 20.7.2020, URL:

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