From Interculturalism to Transculturalism

Mediating Encounters in Cosmopolitan Contexts

Recent trends in postcolonial and intercultural studies have led to a marked development towards concepts of transculturalism and cosmopolitanism. The articles collected in this volume discuss how cultural and literary theories are related to these much-debated issues. Experts from Germany, Austria and Italy have collected their theoretical approaches to and case studies of pertinent literary texts in this volume. The invitation to join in the project was occasioned by the 70th birthday of Rüdiger Ahrens, himself a much-travelled scholar in this field, and extended to scholars with whom he has collaborated over many years.
Contributors: Jochen Achilles (Würzburg), Heinz Antor (Köln), Lothar Bredella (Gießen), Daniela Carpi (Verona), Peter Freese (Paderborn), Paul Goetsch (Freiburg), Erhard Reckwitz (Duisburg-Essen), Carla Sassi (Verona), Norbert Schaffeld (Bremen), Hans Ulrich Seeber (Stuttgart), Franz Karl Stanzel (Graz), Klaus Stierstorfer (Münster), Laurenz Volkmann (Jena), Wolfgang Zach (Innsbruck), Waldemar Zacharasiewicz (Wien), Hubert Zapf (Augsburg)