Shakespeare in the EFL Classroom

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1. Auflage, 2014
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ISBN: 978-3-8253-6236-2
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Fachgebiet: Anglistik/Amerikanistik
Reihe: Anglistische Forschungen, Band: 444
lieferbar: 29.08.2014

Schlagwörter: EFL Classroom, Shakespeare, William, Fachdidaktik Englisch, Dramendidaktik, Literaturdidaktik, Shakespeare /Film, Kompetenzorientierung, englische Literatur /16. Jahrhundert, Shakespeare /Unterricht

This volume provides new perspectives and innovative insights into current topics and approaches for teaching Shakespeare to all ages, and gives an overview of contemporary Shakespeare scholarship as well as practical examples that have proven successful in a wide range of classroom situations. This is particularly relevant in times of universal Shakespearean topics on the one hand and competence and output orientation on the other.

The articles presented deal with Shakespeare’s texts in all respects, with his comedies, tragedies, histories and sonnets, and offer fresh methods for interacting with them in the classroom, introducing analytical, interactive, performative and creative approaches.
Consequently the volume serves perfectly as an introduction to Shakespeare pedagogy, and transmits profound knowledge to university students and university lecturers as well as teachers.

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