Middle English Texts

Edited by Margaret Connolly, William Marx and Hans Sauer

The aims of ‘Middle English Texts’ that were established at the beginning in 1975 continue to govern its programme of publication. The series publishes shorter Middle English texts that have not previously been edited or where existing editions can be improved upon, and parts of longer texts where a complete edition is not likely to appear in the foreseeable future. ‘Middle English Texts’ publishes a broad range of texts, both poetry and prose, including religious prose, historical writing, and scientific and medical texts. For texts that are translations into Middle English, editions provide the Latin or French source text where it is known.

Middle English Texts Neuerscheinungen

The Middle English ‘Kynge Appolyn of Thyre’

Translated by Robert Copland. Edited from the Text published by Wynkyn de Worde (1510). With a Parallel Text of The Medieval French ‘La cronicque et hystoire de Appollin, roy de Thir’

Stephen Morrison (Hg.), Jean-Jacques Vincensini (Hg.)

Preis: 64,00 €
ISBN: 978-3-8253-4703-1
Sortiment: Buch
Ausgabe: Kartoniert
Reihe: Middle English Texts, Band 58
lieferbar: 17.02.2020
Schlagwörter: Übersetzung, Mittelenglisch, Rezeptionsgeschichte, Mittelfranzösisch, Mediävistik, 16. Jahrhundert, Mittelalter, Apollonius of Tyre, antiker Roman, Appollin, roy de Thir, Apollonius de Tiro, Apollonius von Tyrus

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