Toward a New Metropolitanism

Reconstituting Public Culture, Urban Citizenship, and the Multicultural Imaginery in New York and Berlin

1. Edition, 2006
496 Pages

ISBN: 978-3-8253-5227-1
Product: Book
Edition: Hardcover
Subject: Anglistik/Amerikanistik
Series: American Studies – A Monograph Series, Volume No.: 142
Available: 28.11.2006

Keywords: Urbanität, Aufsatzsammlung, New York (NY), Berlin, New York, Metropolenforschung, Stadtkultur, Kosmopolitanismus, Politische Bewegung, Transatlantische Kultur, Transatlantic Studies

The volume explores the challenges posed by versions of a new metropolitanism and cosmopolitanism in the age of postfordism, globalization, and postmodernity in a comparative transatlantic perspective. It addresses the revisions of the value-laden contrasting notions of the 'European” and the 'American city,” as they manifest themselves in two prominent, though in many ways different metropolitan cities - New York City and Berlin - that have played crucial, changing, but also 'atypical” roles in their respective societies throughout modernity and have a vital tradition of transnational, cosmopolitan urban culture. For the 1990s, a decade of deep social, political, and cultural transformations, they provide important case studies for pursuing the crucial questions of a redefinition and semantic reconfiguration of public spaces, of the topographies of power, of the visual order of urban design, of the social role of public culture, of the meanings of citizenship, of the politics of memory, of the new politics of cultural difference, and of the workings and visions of a new metropolitan cultural imaginary as articulated in new multi- and intercultural modes of the mass media and the literary strategies of 'new ethniCities” in urban fiction. The essays are by distinguished American and European scholars from a range of academic disciplines, written from different cross-cultural, comparative, and transdisciplinary perspectives.

Thomas Austenfeld in: American Literary Scholarship, 2006, 475f

in: Reference and Research Book News, Nov. 2007, 143