The Dynamics of Faroese-Danish Language Contact

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1. Edition, 2010
315 Pages

ISBN: 978-3-8253-7314-6
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Subject: Indogermanistik
Series: Germanistische Bibliothek, Volume No.: 37
Available: 19.01.2012

Keywords: Sprachkontakt, Dänisch, Zweisprachigkeit, Sprachwissenschaft /Färöisch, Färöisch

There are two official languages on the Faroe Islands, Faroese and Danish; Faroese is the dominant language and Danish the first second language that children acquire. The question addressed in this book is what the exact transmission processes in this asymmetrical bilingual setting are. By combining van Coetsem’s notions of Recipient Language Agentivity and Source Language Agentivity with parts of Myers-Scotton’s and Jake’s frameworks, the author succeeds in explaining the language setting on the islands.

Christer Lindqvist in: European Journal of Scandinavian Studies, 43.1 (2013), 118ff