American Studies – A Monograph Series

Edited on behalf of the German Association for American Studies by Astrid Franke and Timo Müller

The books published in ‘American Studies – A Monograph Series’ contribute to the field of an “internationalized” American Studies, which takes into account not only the context in which American literature and culture are produced, but also the vantage point from which it is then being investigated by Americanist scholars. In this sense, European American studies is no longer seen as solely derivative of American scholarship, but brings into the equation the European scholars' own location. To understand such a dialogue between European and Americanist scholarship as an ‘intrinsic’ part of Americanist research which hence acquires a transnational dimension seems especially fruitful because European demographic realities are becoming increasingly similar to that of the North American continent. Thus, these publications provide an indispensable perspective of research which in conjunction with a global network complements American Studies scholarship done in the United States.

Fachgebiete: Anglistik/Amerikanistik

Amerikastudien/American Studies. A Quarterly

Edited by Carmen Birkle and Birgit Däwes. Associate Editors: Cedric Essi, Johanna Heil, Connor Pitetti, Johannes Schmid, Editorial Board: Ingrid Gessner, Anke Ortlepp, Heike Paul, Marc Priewe, Boris Vormann

‘Amerikastudien / American Studies: A Quarterly’ (Amst) is the official journal of the German Association for American Studies, dedicated to an interdisciplinary and transnational concept of American Studies and covering all areas of the discipline, including literary and cultural criticism, media, history, political science, linguistics, and pedagogy. The forum section includes innovative formats and scholarly opinions on current debates in the field as well as other open formats, such as interviews and short dialogical position papers. ‘Amst’ publishes reviews with an emphasis on scholarly contributions (not exclusively) from German-speaking countries to the wider field of American Studies. The journal continuously invites suggestions for new formats to allow for cutting-edge scholarship and intellectual debate.

Fachgebiete: Anglistik/Amerikanistik

anglistik & englischunterricht

Herausgegeben von Gabriele Linke, Nicole Maruo-Schröder und Merle Tönnies

Die Bände der Reihe a & e sind den verschiedensten Facetten der Anglistik und Amerikanistik gewidmet – das Spektrum reicht von neuen Textsorten, Medien und Literaturentwicklungen über kulturwissenschaftliche Perspektiven bis zu linguistischen Problemfeldern und schuldidaktischen Anwendungen. Bei der Themenauswahl kommen sowohl die aktuellen Tendenzen der Forschung als auch die pragmatischen Bedürfnisse des Schulfaches Englisch zu ihrem Recht. a & e erscheint ein- bis zweimal im Jahr, und jeder Einzelband umfasst regelmäßig etwa 220 Seiten.

Fachgebiete: Anglistik/Amerikanistik

Anglistische Forschungen

Begründet von Johannes Hoops. Herausgegeben von Rüdiger Ahrens, Heinz Antor und Klaus Stierstorfer

Fachgebiete: Anglistik/Amerikanistik

Britannica et Americana. 3. Folge

Herausgegeben von Wolfram R. Keller und Andrew James Johnston

Fachgebiete: Anglistik/Amerikanistik

European Views of the United States

Edited on Behalf of the European Association for American Studies by Hans-Jürgen Grabbe

This book series, established in 2008, is published under the auspices of the European Association for American Studies. The EAAS was founded 1954. It is a confederation of twenty-two national and joint-national associations representing a total membership of about 4400 scholars. Since 1957, the EAAS has published collections of articles that originated from the best papers presented at its biennial conferences. In 2010, the Rob Kroes Publication Award was initiated to publish outstanding monographs in the fields of literary, cultural, or historical American Studies. With the EVUS series, the EAAS offers a publication venue for research concerned with phenomena or events that focus on what is now the United States of America. It also welcomes comparative and international studies that fall within these guidelines.

Fachgebiete: Anglistik/Amerikanistik, Geschichte

Middle English Texts

Edited by Margaret Connolly, William Marx and Hans Sauer †

The aims of ‘Middle English Texts’ that were established at the beginning in 1975 continue to govern its programme of publication. The series publishes shorter Middle English texts that have not previously been edited or where existing editions can be improved upon, and parts of longer texts where a complete edition is not likely to appear in the foreseeable future. ‘Middle English Texts’ publishes a broad range of texts, both poetry and prose, including religious prose, historical writing, and scientific and medical texts. For texts that are translations into Middle English, editions provide the Latin or French source text where it is known.

Fachgebiete: Anglistik/Amerikanistik

Publikationen der Bayerischen Amerika-Akademie / Publications of the Bavarian American Academy

The book series ‘Publications of the Bavarian American Academy’, established in 2002, started as proceedings of the international conferences of the Bavarian American Academy (BAA) concerning comparative and interdisciplinary questions on the general topic “Formations of American Cultures in a Global Context.” In 2012 the ‘Award Monograph series’ was added for award winning dissertations and nominees of the annual BAA dissertation award on topics related to American history, culture, and society.

Fachgebiete: Anglistik/Amerikanistik

Reihe Siegen. Beiträge zur Literatur-, Sprach- und Medienwissenschaft

Eine Schriftenreihe der Universität Siegen. Herausgegeben von Walburga Hülk, Georg Stanitzek und Niels Werber

Fachgebiete: Germanistik, Anglistik/Amerikanistik, Komparatistik, Romanistik, Medienwissenschaft

Studien zur europäischen Kinder- und Jugendliteratur/Studies in European Children’s and Young Adult Literature

Herausgegeben von Maren Conrad, Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer, Anja Müller und Astrid Surmatz †

Die Buchreihe veröffentlicht literatur- und kulturtheoretisch anspruchsvolle Studien in deutscher oder englischer Sprache zur Geschichte und Theorie der Kinder- und Jugendliteratur (inklusive anderer Kindermedien) in dezidiert europäischer Perspektive, d.h. mit besonderer Berücksichtigung unterschiedlicher europäischer Sprachräume. Auch Studien, die sich mit dem Einfluss außereuropäischer Kinderliteraturen auf die europäische Kinder- und Jugendliteratur befassen, sind willkommen. Die Forschungsperspektive kann komparatistisch geprägt sein oder sich auf eine Einzelphilologie konzentrieren. / The series aims to publish original studies on literature or media for children and young adults in either English or German language. It seeks to unite a variety of approaches from literary or cultural studies and welcomes historically or theoretically informed research. With its decidedly European perspective, the series understands itself as a platform for research in the children’s literatures of different European regions and in different European languages. The series also seeks to include studies dealing with the influence of non-European literatures on European literature for children and young adults. Comparative studies are particularly welcome.

Fachgebiete: Germanistik, Anglistik/Amerikanistik, Komparatistik