Provincializing the United States

Colonialism, Decolonization, and (Post)Colonial Governance in Transnational Perspective

1. Auflage, 2014
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ISBN: 978-3-8253-6360-4
Sortiment: Buch
Ausgabe: Gebunden
Fachgebiet: Anglistik/Amerikanistik
Reihe: American Studies – A Monograph Series, Band: 248
lieferbar: 08.07.2014

Schlagwörter: Postkolonialismus, Indianer, postcolonial studies, Native Americans, Transnationalismus, 18. Jahrhundert, 19. Jahrhundert, Orientalismus, transnational studies, amerikanische Geschichte, Pan-Afrikanismus, Genozid

The transnational dimensions of North American history attract ever more attention in recent years. Inspired by twenty first-century experiences of global entanglements, an increasing number of scholars set out to explore the past anew. Methods and concepts of this re-orientated U.S. history, however, are still a matter of dispute. This volume submits a theoretically reflected and empirically saturated contribution to this debate. Its contributions explore U.S. history from the margins, discussing topics as diverse as U.S. settler imperialism, technological and intellectual networks, Native American history, or African-American missionaries. They open up new, postcolonial perspectives on North American History, thereby provincializing United States.


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